My healing-sessions can be done all over the world.

So very grateful for that.

a w a r e n e s s - c o a c h i n g


In a coaching or a mentoring session I will individually recognize and sense your situation.

The goal is to see your enormous potential and let it shine to then fullfil new sights on your personal reality. Be open to nature and new things.


In this way you'll find access to your own resources. With the new reached possibilities for action and perception you can chase your goals in personal responsibility.


My strength is to go that path with you and understand you as a individual person. I don't see myself as an expert who gives a solution. I'm your companion in that process of change.


I surely also love to work with children and teens. Yes it even is a huge concern or wish of mine. Because ever child, every becoming adult should be free of all the ballast we carry with us. Sadly our beloved ones often carry parts of our own charges. In many cases personal and school aspects are too much for a sensitive child and can lead to diverse issues for example difficulties in studying or concentration. Often these things occure very unexpected and inexplicable.


I give huge engagement and all my heart into making sure that every child can go it's particular way full of faith and security. Because every child is intelligent and should be individually promoted so it can master todays pressure of society and school.


r e s o u r c e s   o f   m o t h e r   n a t u r e


In my therapeutical work everything is about, around, with or in nature.


So I'm really thankful to use my wide knowledge individually. From human to human changing, touching, magical, healing, powerful, sensitive! Alway focues on the goal.


Natural rituals, colorful, creative, brave, versatile


Hypnosis - we work with the subconscious


Mental coaching, the belief is our anchor


Energy work, aura clearing


Tinctures and oils are supporting us.


Stones are here since millions of years.


Power animals can be loyal companions.


Soul letters


Forest and meadows - dancing, laughing, resting, healing


Lakes and Mountains - diving in, climbing up, stunning


With all these and many more resources I'm allowed to work with. I can insert them everywhere. Is it with studying difficulties, blockages, energy thiefs, location determinations, emotional losses, overwhelming, diseases, pain, loss anxiety, to streghten your confidence, selflove, family themes, chronic complaints, burn out, depressions, anxiety and many more.






A b o u t   m e 


Hey you, so my name is Anja. I have a big family existing of five wonderful, loving children and my wonderful husband. They are besides nature my central place of power. Having time for one another is our key! To spend that time in nature and to experience and feel what mother natures wonders for us are. That's what makes us, what makes me strong for the daily life.


We love to be on the road, to get to know diverse cultures and people. This exchange again and again brings new valuable ideas into our life.

The basis for a balanced, livable life are love and faith. To build that trust and develop selflove is a fruitable way that ongoing brings a good harvest.


I worked with and for humans my whole life. Of the hotel industry life broughts me to PR / communication industries with education. For me my entire life changed with the birth of our children. The circle has closed for me. A dynamic developed out of which I can't get out again. Yes my children led me to my way, they made me realise that nature has all the resources to make us grow, to bring us further, to heal and to find to ourselves.


So many intensive education paths brought me piece by piece nearer to nature.


New energies, ideas and forces could grow like that. To experience all of that with my family by my side was and is wonderful. Then in the end every change you go through isn't only helping yourself but also your surrounding.


One's own initiative and the will to new things are a good requirement to make the start for a WONDER.

All the other stuff will flow in the direction in which it has to.







c r e d e n t i a l s


Anja was able to work with our 12 year old son in a playful and understandable way and could solve fears. He can now in a healthy distance and with the tips he received deal with it. The Bach flower drops were also a great help, which he now has at hand at all times. Thanks! - K.B.


After the separation, my 4-year-old daughter changed more and more. It is as if she has lost her roots. Her zest for life, her trust and curiosity have disappeared more and more. It felt like in a circle with no exit. I just didn't know what to do. A friend's recommendation led me to Anja. Her down-to-earth, warm, clear manner made working together easy and very enjoyable. Anja supported the whole family with her valuable work and knowledge. Recognizing and leaving patterns and the old. We are free, safe and strong again on our way of life. I am grateful for this and would heartily recommend Anja. - Nicole B.


Dear Anja,

Thank you for your sensitive nature. After a short time on the phone you noticed that I still carry some foreign energies . But that didn't stop you. On the contrary. We quickly solved a few things, built in a family position, and thus in brought my system back into balance. It worked and how. Thank you!  - E.A.


Dear Anja,

Remote treatment can bring the same healing quality as a face to face session. Unbelievable for many but true for me. In this time where we are now (avoiding any contact), it was a blessing for me to be able to use your help. I'm still flashed, really. Thanks, and to everyone - I recommend Anja to a 100%. - N.B.